Hosted VOIP System

Voice over Internet Protocol

You may be wondering what VoIP is and if it’s right for your business. Basically, VoIP are voice calls that are transported via the Internet. This relatively new technology is expected to succeed digital and analog technologies and become the telecommunications’ industry standard in the not-so-distant future. A hosted VoIP solution may save you money and improve the efficiency of your staff if you have multiple offices, remote workers or employees who use and embrace new technology.

pooling--bursting.pngFlexible Line Sharing

The entire company shares lines across all locations. Customers subscribe to the minimum number of lines they need, and we can add extra lines “on the fly” to accommodate overflow traffic, even on the busiest days. Interoffice calls do not use any lines at all.

Voicemail-System.pngVoicemail System

Unlimited access and storage of voicemail messages. Everyone in your office can access voicemail simultaneously. It also allows for multiple greetings for companies who have multiple departments or divisions.

Remote-System.pngRemote System Programming

Program your phone system through a simple Web portal interface so your system administrator can make changes from any computer with an Internet connection. Programming changes are made to your telephone system quickly, easily, and with no cost.

find-me.pngFind Me, Follow Me

Calls to an extension can follow you to another office, your cell phone, home office, or any other phone number. Calls ring to your various locations either one at a time or all at once– you never have to miss a call again!

Conference Calling

Extensive conference-call capabilities, eliminating the cost of using outside conference bridge services.




Outlook-Integration.pngOutlook Integration

Use Microsoft Outlook to dial numbers or get screen pops for contracts within your database.

Unified-Messaging.pngUnified Messaging

Copies voice mail messages to your e-mail system as .wav files which makes forwarding voicemail messages to email contacts easy.


Disaster Recovery/System Redundancy

In the event of a system failure, calls can be automatically routed to other offices, cell phones, or any other phone number. Your voicemail system will continue to operate even during power outages. When your system comes back on line, even if a new telephone system is required, all of your system programming and messages will be current.

Call-Reporting.pngCall Reporting

Provides detailed information about usage of the phone system. Exports the data to an Excel spreadsheet for more advanced sorting, reporting, analysis, and archiving.

Direct-Dial-Numbers.pngDirect Dial Numbers

Calls can be routed directly to a specific phone or group of phones. This service can be: 1) used by staff or executives for private numbers b) track call volume on a specific phone number; or c) purchased individually or in blocks.

Call-Overflow.pngCall Overflow

Reroute call overflows from one office to another without any operator actions. Call volume is balanced between offices because when one office has a high volume of traffic, other calls are simply passed to another office. Take advantage of different time zones– early morning calls to your CA office can be answered by your NY office and vice versa for late day calls.


 Remove location barriers. Accross the room or across the country; know who's available, check team calendars, stay connected with real-time status updates. All integrated through Microsoft Office.

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